SUNNY PCB provide PCB FABRICATION to globally customers, our pcb production includs SINGLE SIDE/DOUBLE SIDE/MULTILAYER PCB and RF MICROWAVE PCB with Wide ranges of surface finishing includes Hot Air leveling (lead free)(HAL-LF), Organic Surface Protection(OSP), immersion gold/silver/Tin, plating gold /Silver/Tin, plating board edge or half hole .... two or above finishing combination is also available.
Besides, for some customers demanding on Lighting with quickly turn, SUNNY PCB specially provide MCPCB TURNKEY SOLUION, it includins MCPCB DESIGN,THERMAL ANALYSIS,MCPCB FABRICATION, COMPONENTS SOURCING , PCBA ASSEMBLY.

Who We Are>>>

  • Standard FR4 and RF Microwave pcbs Fabrication
  • MCPCB Design and Thermal Solutions
  • MCPCB Fabrication
  • Components Sourcing
  • MCPCB Assembly

PCB Facility Tour>>>

  • Lamination Station
  • Automatic Plating Station
  • Drilling Station
  • Profile Station
  • Solder Mask Station

PCB Capability>>>

  • 1-16 Layers
  • Trace Width/Space :.3/3Mil
  • Core Thickness:2Mil
  • Controlled Depth Drilling
  • HDI/Heavy Copper

Quality Reliability Assurance>>>

  • AOI
  • Full Cross Section Measurement
  • Coating Measurement Instrument
  • Impedance Measurement
  • ROHS Tester

Lead-Free and RoHS>>>

  • Lead Free Printed Circuit Boards
  • Lead free Assembly (SMT or THA)
  • Lead Free Wave Soldering
  • Lead-Free Materials Analysis