PCB Capability

 Choosing SUNNY PCB as your circuit board manufacturer has its benefits. You’ll get our collective years of experience and our promise of excellent customer service. We offer a wide range of printed circuit board capabilities we’re sure will match all of your PCB needs.

As a one stop shop printed circuit board manufacturer and MCPCB assembler, you’ll receive Full Spec Prototypes and quick turn Custom Spec printed circuit boards. Combine this with our readiness to assemble and manufacture your printed circuit boards, and you will save time and money getting your project completed.

We also offer a mcpcb thermal solution to help you to optimize your mcpcb material thermal performance . We encourage you to use this service.

  • Quick Turn
  • Prototype Quantities
  • Production Quantities
  • 1 – 16 Layers
  • 15:1 Drill Aspect Ratio
  • Maximum Panel Size – 24″ x 30″
  • Via In Pad with Fill Options
  • (Conductive, Non Conductive, Copper Plug)
  • Controlled Impedance
  • High Copper Thickness
Surface Finish Options
  • Immersion Gold (ENIG)
  • Immersion Silver
  • Immersion Tin
  • HASL
  • Pb-Free HAL
  • OSP
  • Hard Gold
  • Soft Gold
  • Selective Finishes
  • Half Hole Plating/Edge Plating
  • Two or above finishes combination
Base Materials
  • RoHS Compliant Options
  • High Speed Digital Options
  • High Frequency RF Options
  • High Temperature Options
  • Aluminum Clad Options
  • Rigid
  • Metal Core
  • Aluminum Backed
  • Copper Backed
Customer Service
  • Concurrent Engineering Solutions
  • Quick Quote Response
  • DFM Review & Analysis
  • Value-Added Engineering Solutions
  • Responsive Service Solutions
Specs and Tolerances

Outerlayer Trace / Space .003″ / .003″
Innerlayer Trace / Space .003′ / .003′
Minimum Drilled Hole .0059″
Standard Drilled Hole .010″
Drill Aspect Ratio 15:1
Minimum Pad Size .008″
Minimum Feature to Edge .010″
Minimum Core Thickness .002″
Controlled Depth Drilling YES
Sequential Lamination YES

For additional information please talk with us