Material selection and integration is an essential facet of printed wiring board fabrication. Our expertise regarding advanced material types and combinations allows us to offer our customers a cost-effective and quickly turn solution for almost any design challenge. From high signal integrity to superior dimensional stability. SUNNY PCB  makes the optimal material recommendation for you.Especially in MCPCB filed, with our Thermal Analysis we suggest the material for you to ensure the Thermal Performance and Dielectric Breakdown and Cost to be the best matched. 

Below are some material vendors for your reference, for more information, please talk with us.

Shengyi manufactures FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3 and Prepreg. Shengyi’s products are mainly used for making single sided, double sided and multilayer printed circuits board, which are widely applied in mobile phone, automotive, telecommunication equipment, computers and higher-level electrical products.As the largest copper clad laminate company in China, Shengyi has abundant technical resources and develops many kinds of high-tech products at the internationally advanced level

Nanya mainly produces Expoxy Glass Fabric based FR-4, thin core laminates and Prepreg used for
Multilayer printed circuits board. The products are widely used in the area of aero space, automotive, computer,
communication,home electronics appliance and other high grade electronic products.

ITEQ is devoted in the industry as a professional base material provider for Printed Circuit Board. Performance and Cost effectiveness are key drivers to its products. The strength of self-developing research brings it a frontier of halogen free and high performance material suitable for lead free process among world class producers. It provides total solution for the industry with one stop shop of laminates-rigid, flex, halogen free, environment friendly material and all lead free process compatible materials.

Isola is a leading global material sciences company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets laminate materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards, which provide the physical platforms for the semiconductors, passive components, and connection circuitry that power and control virtually all modern electronic products.

KB is  a leading vertically-integrated electronics materials manufacturer, specializing in the production of laminates, including glass epoxy laminates, paper laminates and CEM laminates

Panasonic is able to supply multi-layer PCB materials/laminates that satisfy customers by utilizing a variety of materials property evaluation technologies and evaluation technologies that simulate the field use of products by customers.

A World Leader in Thermal Management Materials.Developing, designing and advancing thermal solutions for top OEMs/ODMs

Polytronics Thermal Conductive Board (TCB) is a kind of printed circuit board which provides the low thermal resistance and high reliability for high power electronic device application. Based on the high ceramic filled polymer composite laminate, the heat generated by these devices will dissipate with high efficiency. Thermal conductivity of Polytronics TCB is over 5 times higher than the traditional epoxy filled glass fiber system.

CSEM is the leading MCCL and MASSLAM manufactuer in Taiwan. Our target is to provide our clients with "Best Quality and Fast Delivery" service. We also position ourself as the best R&D and manufacture partner with branding companies and MCPCB houses of Termal PCB in the World

Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials Division is now Advanced Connectivity SolutionsHaving played a vital role in connectivity with printed circuit board materials, it's time for Rogers to expand its business scope.Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials Division is now Advanced Connectivity Solutions
Having played a vital role in connectivity with printed circuit board materials, it's time for Rogers to expand its business scope.

Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division manufactures PTFE/woven glass base materials for microwave, RF and high speed digital applications. Applications include BTS antenna, wireless antenna, FM and UHF transmitter, 76/77 and 79 GHz automotive radar sensors, military systems, aerospace guidance telemetry, air traffic management

Arlon microwave materials are routinely used in antenna systems for 5 and 11GHz systems for satellite uplink and downlink networks.

The enterprise is a professional manufacturer for microwave printed circuit boards (PCBs) with strong capability of research, development, manufacturing and sales in the area of electronic material. Our main products covers Teflon (PTFE) woven glass fabric copper-clad laminates series, microwave dielectric substrate series, microwave electronic device and insulated and anti-sticking wax cloth, etc., which are extensively used in different areas,such as aerospaceaviation, satellite communication

The World's Leading Manufacturer of Solder Resist
Printed wiring boards are used in a variety of electronics products, from cellular phones, PCs, and other IT equipment, to digital household appliances and in-vehicle electronic equipment. Solder resist is an essential element in these printed wiring boards. Taiyo Group is a chemical manufacturer that boasts a 60% share in the global solder resist industry

We are achieved our initial aim to become the leader of researching and manufacturing for high-end photographic chemistry materials in domestic market and bring a positive contribution to Chinese industry of PCB production.

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We also provide all the necessary technical supports to the customers during their production process. Due to the different applications, our Solder Resist Ink can briefly divide into several categories: The Liquid Photoimageable Solder Resist Ink for Print Circuit Board, Liquid Photoimageable Etching Resist Ink, Thermal Curable Marking Ink and UV Curable Marking Ink.