LED LIGHTING is the most popular in the market now,most of led module are widely used with MCPCB(Aluminum pcb/Copper pcb) assembled with LED, connector, wire,thermal pad,and others small e-components.

At SUNNY PCB, not only MCPCB , FR4 PCB ,RF microwave PCB but also MCPCB TURNKEY SOLUTION as a value-added service is being provided to customer.Some customers do not want to contact extra supplier to meet their LED lighting module , Based on this, you only need place one order to us,  MCPCB Design, Thermal Analysis,MCPCB Fabrication,Components sourcing(or Consigned),MCPCB Assembly are all finished in SUNNY PCB.

No more miscommunication between multiple vendors. No more delays.SUNNY PCB is the MCPCB Assembly Manufacturer you've been looking for.

MCPCB Design&Thermal Analysis>>>

  • Create Gerber file
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Material Secletion
  • .Panel optimize for cost effectiveness

MCPCB Fabrication>>>

  • Aluminum PCB/ Copper PCB/Iron PCB
  • 1-4 layers
  • Metal BASE &CORE
  • Punching/CNC/V-CUT


  • LED Sourcing
  • Connector Sourcing
  • Wire Sourcing
  • Thermal PAD Sourcing

MCPCB Assembly>>>

  • Sub-Binning Capabilities
  • Electrical Performance Test
  • Safety Performance Test
  • Lighting Performance Test :